Our Coaches

Our Coaches

From 1982 until 1993, William Youngmin Lee, trained and competed as a member of the Korean National Team.  He studied at the Korean National University on a sports scholarship and graduated with a Degree in Physical Education in 1993.   Since 1995 he has coached many young skaters who have gone on to represent Korea, including Australian Andy Jung who competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics.  In April 2017, he was invited by the NSW Ice Racing and Australia Ice Racing (AIR) to coach at their national camps.  Later he agreed to remain in Australia to coach young and developing skaters and co-founded the Sydney Wings in 2019.

Jessica Jung skated competitively from her teens until graduating from University with a Degree in Sports Science.   From 1989 to 1995 she coached at the world famous Mokdong Ice Rink in Korea.  In 2015, on behalf of AIR, she commenced a campaign to attract more young skaters to trial Short Course Ice Racing.  Since then she has coached a number of state, national and international champions at the Macquarie Ice Rink.  In 2019 she co-founded Sydney Wings with William Lee.

Their coaching philosophy is to: 

encourage all young skaters to have fun and keep fit

develop all young skaters to achieve their personal best

provide best practice in skating techniques and strength training

provide opportunities for skaters to learn from international coaches and compete nationally and internationally

coach and mentor developing professional skaters to achieve international success