Sydney Wings Learn to Speed Skate – January 2021 – A HUGE SUCCESS

March 17, 2021

Over 60 skaters and 4 coaches took part in the Speed Skate School January 2021

Children of all ages took the opportunity to get out of the sun and into some icy cold fun.

Skaters lined up

Skaters lined up and ready to learn

From Monday, 4 January to Friday, 22 January absolute skating beginners or those wanting to improve had the chance to learn from experienced coaches and their assistants.

It didn’t matter what your age or what your level, the coaches were there to help you learn.   Based on photos and feedback from skaters and their parents it was clear that the children enjoyed themselves and can now call themselves skaters.

The session started with booting up and donning of helmets, followed by a few warm up exercises before entering the rink.










First lesson

Each session started with practicing previous drills before progressing onto new skills.  By the end of week 1, all skaters had learnt to skate, stop, turn and balance on one skate.  By the end of the second week all skaters could weave between cones and balance on either skate.  By the end of week 3 all skaters could speed up, slow down, turn left or right and maintain their balance at ever faster speeds.

All ‘Learn to Speed Skate’ children and have been invited to join the Sydney Wings Speed Skating Club to continue skating, keep fit and have even more fun.

Well done to all skaters, you should be proud of your new skills.

Keep and eye out for more classes will be run in the next school holidays.    Register now with