2020 End of Year Celebrations

February 6, 2021

2020 Wrap Up and End of Year Celebrations

2020 was an amazing and challenging year for the Sydney Wings.  2020 began with a small group of 10 skaters and finished the year with over 30 skaters.  A huge growth for our small club.   Please continue to promote the fun and happy times we have and refer your friends to join.  Everyone is welcome.  The coaches are passionate about each skater achieving their own personal best, improving their fitness and having a safe and happy environment to grow and learn.

Our skaters having some fun

Protecting your blades

The year started with skaters training at least 10 hours a week.  The challenge always being to get enough on-ice time.  Then in March, we all went into lock down.  William emailed the skaters exercises to do on a daily basis and continued to work with a number of senior skaters off ice as well.  It was tricky to arrange and hard to remain motivated.

Back on Ice …

Then thankfully in June we went back onto the ice.  The senior skaters starting two days a week at 4:30 am.  Thanks to Luke the ice was always beautifully groomed and a pleasure to skate on.

Volunteers and coaches: Lto R: William, Luke, Sarah, Jenni, Jessica

Competing during Covid …

Even with a disrupted training schedule, the skaters managed to compete in a number of competitions both at Canterbury and Macquarie Ice Rinks.  We are incredibly proud of our skaters and their improvements.  We had a number of champions over the year but we celebrate and are just as proud of the skaters who improved their technique and times.

Senior skaters getting ready to skate

Seniors competing in the 5000m race

Midgets about to race

Seniors waiting to race

Celebrating our year …

On, 19 December 2020, we had our final Sydney Wings Gala Day.  We’re the skaters showed their skills and competed for club champion.  Our Gala Day was followed by our end of year celebration and the awarding of trophies.  There were a number of raffles, singing and dancing competitions.

Celebrating with friends and families

Trophies for Club Champions, Age Champions and Most Improved

Some of our achievers

Most sought after prize

Thank you to all skaters, their families, the coaches Jessica and William and all the volunteers.  Bring on 2021!